Annual Plan WMCZ 2023

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1. Skeleton of Activities for 2023:

January Announcement of Czech Wiki Photo 22

Yearly report WCF - metrics

February Community minigrants

Yearly report WCF

April Open collections report

Annual Report

May We Photograph Czechia

General Assembly Spring Fundraising Campaign

July Czech Wiki Photo 23
August Budget 24
September Approval of the activity plan
October Wikimedia Community Fund application

Christmas Fundraising Campaign

2. Annual Plan 2023 by Program:

Educational Programs Programs for Community Programs for Partnerships
January 1Lib1Ref CEE region

Launch of the SeWW WS courses New Year Senior Party

CWP Announcement and Exhibition,

follow up CS 48-89, Wikigap preparation

Pardubice library - turnkey course

Expert discussion on free databases in the world of cultural institutions

February 1Lib1Ref CEE - conclusion and evaluation Wikigap preparation

Community minigrants

RegioGLAM challenge - for the community and institutions

(link with WikiGap, HRM, CS 48'-89') Artotheque - involvement of Art History students of the Faculty of Arts of Charles University from the ÚTVAR association

March Senior Wikigap, Wikigap in schools

Lecturers meeting

Wikigap monthly challenge Theatre Institute Municipal Library - Wikigap

Preparing the Open Collections Report

April Start of advanced courses

capacity for custom courses for libraries and schools

Wikiclimate/Preparation Wiki Loves Earth

Follow up Wikigap, HRM preparation

State Regional Archive - events

Open Collections Report WMCZ Hackathon Preparation

May University of Chemical Technology course

1Lib1Ref library courses


We Photograph Czechia HRM preparation

Hackathon WMCZ - local
June 1Lib1Ref - conclusion and evaluation

HRM in schools

Human Rights Month Museum as a partner of HRM (Roma Museum)
July methodological training - mainly schools Czech Wiki Photo 23 announcement

follow up HRM

ZOO - challenge
August FTTS courses - offer and implementation Preparation of CS 48'-89' PR ICOM cooperation - one year since its launch
September Senior Wikitown Follow up HRM

Preparation CS 48'-89

Museum of the Eastern Bohemia

- Editathon with University of Hradec Králové

October Velvet at schools

Lecturers' meetings Libraries Week with Wikipedia

Preparation CS 48'-89 UHK - CS 49'-89' with the University of Hradec Kralove,

Conference registration - Library and Museum Archives

November Velvet at schools

Lecturers' meetings

Challenge Czechoslovakia 48'-89'

Closing CWP

Charles University - joint action CS 49'-89'

Regional Museum Mikulov - joint event

December Seniors month Call CS 48'-89'

CWP evaluation, exhibition preparation

Conference National Library- Archives, Libraries and Museums

Charles University - joint event

3. Annual Plan 2023 by section:

PR & fundraising Operation The Board Revision Committee
January Czech Wiki Photo 22 campaign Statistics, metrics,

financial close of the year, staff contracts and agreements WCF Early report

Jednání rady
February Community minigrants promo preparation of the AR,

accounting of the public collection

Weekend Board meeting Deadline for approval of the inventory of assets as of 31.12.
March WikiGap campaign financial statements,


Preparation of the Board's activity report,

Board meetings

Preparation of the report of the audit committee
April Annual Report Audit,

Preparation of the AR with the community

Report of the Board on its activities.

Member updates (contributions)

Report of the Audit Committee

Recommendations to the General Meeting for approval of the annual report

May Spring Fundraising Campaign General Assembly

finalization/approval of the GA, staff evaluation

The General Assembly

Board Meeting

General Meeting
June Human Rights Month Campaign Half-yearly drawdown Treasury inventory
July Czech Wiki Photo Campaign Strategic team meeting - skeleton of action plan

Budget preparation

Board meeting
August Preparation of the action plan & KPIs Preparation of activity plan & KPIs

Budget 24

Consultation on the action plan
September Grants Wikimedia Summit Board meeting

Wikimedia Summit

Establishment of an inventory committee to take stock of assets
October Grants Submission of the activity plan&KPI

Submission of WCF application 24-25, CEE Meeting

CEE Meeting
November Czechoslovakia 48'-89' campaign Staff Evaluation Board meeting
December Seniors' Month campaign Closing out the year - metrics, financials,

Preparing next year's finances

Establishment of an inventory committee to take stock of assets